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  1. Monster

    Tekton Guide

    Monsters guide for Tekton Tekton is a boss that spawns every 3 hours and drops a loot for the top 10 damage dealers. He has 7500 hp (75000 on 10x) and I recommend using whatever your best gear is and using protect from magic prayer To get to Tekton you simply type ::tekton in-game So this boss is no joke make sure you are with a team it's almost impossible too solo this guy but he will drop good loot when defeated Tekton is a special event boss like any other event on Ardevon. This event is in a safe area you don't need too worry about the wild Here are the possible drops from Tekton: Hopefully you guys get good loot from this boss!
  2. Monsters guide for Ali Boss *do ::events in-game to see active timers for the events below!* For those new players that want good loot a lot of money and just good drops in general, this is the place for you. Ardevon has special events every so often by doing ::events you can check what event is up and running. Ali Boss is good for new players with not that good combat stats but yet you will get good loot too start off your adventure. Muhammad Ali's Dummy is a boss that spawns every 6 hours and drops a loot for the top 11 damage dealers. For this boss you'll need to wear no gear at all. You kill it with boxing gloves that come in your main hand slot when you teleport. To get to Muhammad Ali's Dummy you simply type ::ali in-game (can also do ::finddrop ali in-game to see) Gl and have fun at this super cool event hope the RNG gods are on your side on this one!
  3. Monsters guide for Revenants! Warning these monsters are in the wild So don't bring good gear you don't wanna lose So today im bringing you a guide on revenants good for gear and good for blood money. Gear/Inventory setup This is my mage gear set up. You can either bring mage or range i prefer mage, using blood barrage heals you while you do damage, making the trip longer then using range. Same setup i use for the skeletal mystics Getting there Going too click on wilderness teleport and click Revenant cave. Click on the tunnel once you teleport. Once you get in the cave a lot of revenants are different then some mostly pray melee when fighting melee ones. Some you have too pray mage. They drop blood money that will help you buy better items at the blood store at ::home Some Rev's even drop gear such as this! It's a dangerous place but its worth the loot. Gl with drop watch your back in the wild!!
  4. Monsters guide for skeletal! Warning these monsters are in the wild So don't bring good gear you don't wanna lose Most of you have probably never even heard of this monster yet alone killed them. They have a pretty good loot table here are a few things to look out for: 1) elite clue scrolls 2) Make sure to pick up the starvend ancient effigies, they will help you ALOT on your road to maxing out! 3) they drop x4 charms per charm drop! simply the best way to obtain charms for 99 summoning! Gear/Inventory setup This is my mage gear set up. You can either bring mage or range i prefer mage, using blood barrage heals you while you do damage, making the trip longer then using range.\ If you are a lower level not that good gear don't worry praying melee you wont get hit, but you have too worry about the poison so bring a anti poison. I didn't need one in this gear set up since im blood barraging and i get my health back. Brining a cannon will help you out if your DPS is trash and also makes it faster. Getting there To get to skeletal mystics you want to teleport to RuneRocks>Then run east until you see a green hill. Note: This is in the wilderness don't bring anything you are not willing to lose. If you cannot afford to lose . When you are here you want to take a sip of your antiposion and turn on protect from melee. Then just attack the mystics, this is easier if you have a group of people doing it to deter off pkers. However, you can bring your cannon here if you are killing them solo. Loots Each kill you are guaranteed to get 2mil gp. This is much better than the normal starter method of making money @ ::lava They also have rare drops such as: wilderness keys @ 6.7% rune pouch @ 1% steadfast @ 1% Wilderness Keys I tested the money you can make from wilderness keys by opening 100 of them. Gl with drops and make sure you don't get PK 😂
  5. Monster

    Vote Guide

    Monsters Vote Guide VOTE SHOP Voting can be very profitable, as you can purchase donation scrolls and sell the vote scrolls to other players as well.To vote, simply type ::vote in game to reach this screen Once you are here, enter your username (must be longer than 3 characters to successfully vote) and click continue. Once on this page, vote on all 5 sites to successfully vote (site will turn green and show a timer of 12 hours until you can vote again) Once voted on all sites, type in game ::reward 1 all for vote points, and a chance at a mystery box! -Voting helps get new players into the server and can be profitable to newer players for easy starter cash -Voting can be done every 12 hours. -If page is unavailable, refresh the page a few times, and it should work
  6. Monsters Guide for Clue Scroll!! *Push CTRL+F to bring up a search bar Normal Clue Scrolls Dig somewhere near some chickens *training teleports->chicken pen Dig in the area you might see fisherman *click the fishing skill in your skill guide Dig near the tele to get chaotics *click the dungeoneering skill in your skill guide Dig in the cave of the giant bird *boss teleports->phoenix Dig near the first few crawling hands *dungeon teleports->slayer tower Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank ::home Dig somewhere at home2 ::home2 Dig near the pest control teleport *minigame teleports->pest control or ::pc Dig near the king of dragons *boss teleports->king black dragon (multi) *7 steps west of the torch on the wall* Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele *::duel, 2 steps east of tele location Dig somewhere on the middle of barrows (dig, come up stairs, dig again) *minigame teleports->barrows Middle Hill Dig near one of the slayers masters *dungeon teleports->edgeville dungeon OR have vannaka as your slayer master Dig where players plant flowers *::gamble Dig near the mining guild teleport *click the mining skill in your skill guide Elite Clue Scrolls Dig at level 7 wildy at mining rocks *run north-east from edgeville wilderness Dig at level 14 wildy at a statue of a warrior *wilderness teleports->wilderness castle and run east Dig at level 21 wildy at a Den between 2 fires *wilderness teleports->wilderness castle and run north into the bandit camp Dig at level 31 wildy between 2 coffins *wilderness teleports->wilderness castle and run north-west Dig at level 46 wildy on a star guarded by demons *wilderness teleports->greater demons Dig at level 54 wildy by an anvil that no one uses *use the lever in edgeville, run north through the cut web then west past the mage arena Dig at level 52 wildy at a bridge where no one goes *wilderness teleports->rogues castle and to the east Dig at level 55 wildy outside a wooden door *use the lever in edgeville, run north through the cut web then west Dig at level 55 wildy by a pick-lock door *use the lever in edgeville, run north through the cut web then east Dig at level 56 wildy on a ship wreckage *agility skill->wilderness agility course, then run north east around to the side of it Hope this guide helps you guys !
  7. Monsters Guide for Treasure Island Treasure Island is a mini-game on Ardevon How too get started go too Mini-game teleport Click on Treasure Island You will be teleported in the center of the bosses There are 4 bosses to kill: Tips pray against what ever type the boss is Cobra (Mage) Pray mage when fighting Fear (Range) Pray Range Blitz (Melee) Pray melee Death (Melee) Pray melee Each of them drop a key with a 1/4 drop chance. You need 1 key from each boss to be able to open the treasure chest -Common-40-80x Grimy harralander25-50x Dragon bones40-80x Grimy torstol75-150x Magic logs45-90x Raw manta ray85-170x Raw shark10-20x Grimy snapdragon1000-2000x Adamant bolts42-85x Grimy marrentill225-450x Runite bolts90-180x Grimy tarromin90-180x Ruby ring80-160x Dragon bolts45-90x Grimy harralander42-85x Mithril ore95-190x Coal215-430x Rune knife70-140x Dragon arrow55-110x Runite ore282-565x Mithril knife2-5x Uncut dragonstone3-7x Uncut emerald12-25x Dragon bones10-20x Frost dragon bones5-10x Frost dragon bones37-75x Dragon bolts (e)37-75x Ruby bolts (e)37-75x Diamond bolts (e)1-2x Crushed gem6-12x Uncut diamond5-10x Uncut ruby5-10x Rune 2h sword1x Dragon 2h sword10-20x Granite maul250-500x Cannonball250-500x Blood rune250-500x Death rune250-500x Astral rune12-25x Saradomin brew flask (6)12-25x Super restore flask (6)25-50x Raw shark12-25x Raw rocktail5-10x Rune hatchet5-10x Rune pickaxe5-10x Rune scimitar2-5x Dragon scimitar7-15x Rune bar15-30x Rocktail12-25x Adamant bar25-50x Mithril bar1x Loop half of a key1x Tooth half of a key1x Crystal key1x Casket2500000-5000000x Coins500000-1000000x Coins1250000-2500000x Coins5000000-10000000x Coins -Uncommon (1/5)-1x Charm Box1x Rune platebody (g)1x Rune platebody (t)1x Rune platelegs (g)1x Rune platelegs (t)1x Rune full helm (g)1x Rune full helm (t)1x Rune kiteshield (g)1x Rune kiteshield (t)1x Zamorak platebody1x Zamorak platelegs1x Zamorak full helm1x Zamorak kiteshield1x Guthix platebody1x Guthix platelegs1x Guthix full helm1x Guthix kiteshield1x Saradomin platebody1x Saradomin platelegs1x Saradomin full helm1x Saradomin kiteshield1x Red boater1x Orange boater1x Green boater1x Blue boater1x Black boater1x Black elegant shirt1x Black elegant legs1x Red elegant shirt1x Red elegant legs1x Blue elegant shirt1x Blue elegant legs1x Green elegant shirt1x Green elegant legs1x Purple elegant shirt1x Purple elegant legs1x White elegant blouse1x White elegant skirt1x Armadyl cloak1x Bandos cloak1x Ancient cloak1x Saradomin cloak1x Guthix cloak1x Zamorak cloak1x Wizard boots1x Green dragon mask1x Blue dragon mask1x Red dragon mask1x Black dragon mask1x Frost dragon mask1x Bronze dragon mask1x Iron dragon mask1x Steel dragon mask1x Mithril dragon mask1x Rune cane1x Amulet of glory (t)1x Zamorakian spear1x Mystery box1x Legendary Mystery Box1x Ranger boots1x Robin hood hat1x Amulet of fury1x Amulet of fury (or)1x Abyssal whip1x Ring of wealth1x Master wand1x Mages' book1x Berserker ring1x Warrior ring1x Archers' ring1x Ranger boots1x Robin hood hat1x Amulet of fury1x Amulet of fury (or)1x Abyssal whip1x Ring of wealth1x Master wand1x Mages' book1x Berserker ring1x Ring of wealth1x Warrior ring1x Archers' ring1x Dragon hatchet1x Dragonkin lamp1x Dark bow1x Dragon pickaxe1x Dragon hatchet1x Amulet of ranging1x Seers' ring1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)1x Clue scroll (easy)7500000-15000000x Coins5000000-10000000x Coins10000000-20000000x Coins12500000-25000000x Coins6000000-12000000x Coins1x Berserker ring (i)1x Seers' ring (i)1x Archers' ring (i)1x Warrior ring (i)1x Dragonfire shield1x Dharok's helm1x Dharok's greataxe1x Dharok's platebody1x Dharok's platelegs1x Verac's helm1x Verac's flail1x Verac's brassard1x Verac's plateskirt1x Karil's coif1x Karil's crossbow1x Karil's top1x Karil's skirt1x Guthan's helm1x Guthan's warspear1x Guthan's platebody1x Guthan's chainskirt1x Ahrim's hood1x Ahrim's staff1x Ahrim's robetop1x Ahrim's robeskirt1x Torag's helm1x Torag's hammers1x Torag's platebody1x Torag's platelegs1x Dragon boots1x Dragon boots1x Dharok's helm1x Dharok's greataxe1x Dharok's platebody1x Dharok's platelegs1x Verac's helm1x Verac's flail1x Verac's brassard1x Verac's plateskirt1x Karil's coif1x Karil's crossbow1x Karil's top1x Karil's skirt1x Guthan's helm1x Guthan's warspear1x Guthan's platebody1x Guthan's chainskirt1x Ahrim's hood1x Ahrim's staff1x Ahrim's robetop1x Ahrim's robeskirt1x Torag's helm1x Torag's hammers1x Torag's platebody1x Torag's platelegs1x Dragon boots1x Dragon boots -Rare (1/X)-1x Charming imp1x Third-age range top1x Third-age range legs1x Third-age range coif1x Third-age vambraces1x Third-age robe top1x Third-age robe1x Third-age mage hat1x Third-age amulet1x Third-age platelegs1x Third-age platebody1x Third-age full helmet1x Third-age kiteshield1x Green h'ween mask1x Blue h'ween mask1x Red h'ween mask1x Vanguard Helmet1x Vanguard Platebody1x Vanguard Legs1x Vanguard Boots1x Vanguard Gloves1x Trickster Helmet1x Trickster Body1x Trickster Robe bottom1x Trickster boots1x Trickster gloves1x Battle-Mage Helmet1x Battle-Mage Top1x Battle-Mage Legs1x Ornate Katana1x TokHaar-Kal1x Flippers1x Staff of light1x $10 Scroll1x Santa hat150000000-300000000x Coins75000000-150000000x Coins37500000-75000000x Coins62500000-125000000x Coins75000000-150000000x Coins37500000-75000000x Coins62500000-125000000x Coins1x Barrows - dharok's set1x Barrows - ahrim's set1x Barrows - guthan's set1x Barrows - karil's set1x Barrows - torag's set1x Barrows - verac's set1x Quest point cape
  8. Monsters 1-99 Runecrafting Guide Runecrafting Guide To get started click on the Runecrafting skill to teleport to the Runecrafting area. Talk to Wizard to purchase the required talismans. Talk to Wizard Distentor for pouches Right click the talisman and select the locate option (You will be teleported to the altar). NOTE: These are BASE EXP Rates. No bonuses such as Well of Goodwill have been applied. Air Runes Mind Runes Water Runes 1 Runecrafting 2 Runecrafting 6 Runecrafting EXP: 138 EXP: 161 EXP: 172 Earth Runes Fire Runes Body Runes 9 Runecrafting 14 Runecrafting 20 Runecrafting EXP: 195 EXP: 241 EXP: 281 Cosmic Runes Chaos Runes Nature Runes 27 Runecrafting 35 Runecrafting 44 Runecrafting EXP: 402 EXP: 517 EXP: 586 Law Runes Death Runes Blood Runes 54 Runecrafting 65 Runecrafting 77 Runecrafting EXP: 818 EXP: 1,100 EXP: 1,598 From level 40 onward you want to begin Siphoning energy sources. Use the Runecrafting teleport to get to the energy sources. When siphoning you will receive Energy fragments. These fragments can be used in the Runecrafting Store (speak to Wizard Distentor) to purchase pouches which hold Rune/Pure Essence. There are 3 pouches: Small pouch - Holds up to 3 extra essence (Price: 400 fragments) Medium pouch - Holds up to 9 extra essence (Price: 750 fragments) Large pouch - Holds up to 18 extra essence (Price: 1100 fragments) Requirement: 40 Runecrafting (Green siphon) EXP: 2,000 per siphon (Base EXP Rate) You will need food in your inventory because the energy sources deal damage. I take an inventory of brews so I don't have to back as often. This is the fastest RC EXP you can get. Siphon the yellow energy source from levels 72 - 99. Requirement: 72 Runecrafting (Yellow siphon) EXP: 4,700 per siphon (Base EXP rate) There is also Siphon spots for Donators at ::di then west Congratulations you're 99 Runecrafting!
  9. Monster

    99 Fishing

    Monsters 1-99 Fishing Guide Firstly I'd Like to start with How to get here and the Shop. Start by Clicking the Fishing skill. *Red Vine Worms are used for Rocktail Fishing. *Xp Rates are without any Bonus Exp items Such as Vote scrolls, Brawling gloves, Heron pet, Master cape Small Fishing Net Shrimp 580 xp (Level- 1) Anchovy 1,100 xp (Level- 15) Fishing Rod - Bait Sardine 1,300 xp (Level- 5) Herring 1,960 xp (Level- 10) Big Fishing Net Monkfish 13,970 xp (Level- 62) Fly Fishing - Lure Trout 3,100 xp (Level- 20) Salmon 4,240 xp (Level- 30) Rocktail 64,032 xp (Level- 90) Lobster Pot Lobster 5,960 xp (Level- 40) Dark Crab 54,168 xp (Level- 85) Harpoon Tuna 5,060 xp (Level- 35) Swordfish 10,200 xp (Level- 50) Shark 17,094 xp (Level- 76) AnglerFish Vessel AnglerFish 125,050 xp (Level- 82)* In Order to Fish Rocktails you'll need 90 Fishing, Fly Fishing Rod, Red Vine Worms There is a handful of locations for Rocktails Such as: Catherby Bait Shop - East of Crafting Teleport Another Rocktail option Bronze Donor Zone ::DI (Benefit: Close to Bank) *Can Fish Anglerfish Inside Arthur's Realm (Max zone) Anglerfish only Requires 82 fishing, Anglerfish Vessel, and Cave Worms HOWEVER you need to have ALL 99's in order to Access them Congratulations you're 99 Fishing!
  10. Monster

    99 Firemaking

    Monsters 1-99 Firemaking Guide The first step on your journey to 99 firemaking is going to be clicking on the firemaking skill to be teleported to the training area. Skilling NPC You can then talk to the NPC Ignatius Vulcan to purchase logs or a tinderbox directly from him. Level Requirements: Regular Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 To level the firemaking skill as quickly as possible, simply burn the highest level requirement logs available. To maximize XP gains, we suggest training woodcutting prior to firemaking, saving the logs, and then following this strategy. DONATOR TIP: In the donor zone / ::di there is a fire that never goes out AFK XP The Evil Tree is will periodically change locations through-out Ardevon. To find it's location you can check under the quest tab or simply type ::tree into the chatbox and you'll be notified where it's currently hiding. The reason the evil tree is useful to firemaking is the kindling you receive from cutting the tree stacks and can be used for easy afk firemaking experience. The xp is between that of Yew and Magic. Brawling Gloves (FM) Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for firemaking we would be using the (FM) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::home Inferno Adze The Inferno Adze has a chance to burn logs as you cut threes granting firemaking XP and is a great choice to use while leveling. Inferno Adze is not trade-able but can be purchased from the Mining Expert for 350 Stardust which is trade-able. To get to the Mining expert simply click the smithing skill to be teleported to where he's located. Congratulations you're 99 Firemaking
  11. Monster

    99 Crafting

    Monsters 1-99 Crafting Guide Getting Started. Click the Crafting Skill in the Skill tab Talk to Master Crafter. Can Spin Flax into Bowstring at level 10 giving 1,500 exp Cutting gems XP Opal/level 1/ XP 1,500 Jade/level 13/ XP 2,000 Red topaz/level 16/ XP 2,500 Sapphire/ level 20/ XP 5,000 Emerald/ level 27/ XP 6,700 Ruby/ level 34/ XP 8,500 Diamond/ level 43/ XP 10,700 Dragonstone/ level 55/ XP 13,700 Onyx/ level 67 /XP 16,700 You can get Moulds and Balls of wool At the Smithing Shop. Amulets - Adding Ball of Wool gives an Additional 400 exp Sapphire Amulet (u) - level 24 giving 6,500 exp Emerald Amulet (u) - level 31 giving 7,000 exp Ruby Amulet (u) - level 50 giving 8,500 exp Diamond Amulet (u) - level 70 giving 10,000 exp Dragonstone Amulet (u) - level 80 giving 15,000 exp Onyx Amulet (u) - level 90 giving 16,500 exp Necklaces Sapphire Necklace - level 22 giving 5,500 exp Emerald Necklace - level 29 giving 6,000 exp Ruby Necklace - level 40 giving 7,500 exp Diamond Necklace - level 56 giving 8,000 exp Dragonstone Necklace - level 72 giving 10,500 exp Rings Sapphire Ring - level 20 giving 4,000 exp Emerald Ring - level 27 giving 5,500 exp Ruby Ring - level 34 giving 7,000 exp Diamond Ring - level 43 giving 8,500 exp Dragonstone Ring - level 55 giving 10,000 exp Onyx Ring - level 67 giving 11,500 exp Leather At the Crafting teleport is this fella Soft Leather Gloves - level 1 giving 1,300 exp Boots - level 7 giving 1,600 exp Leather cowl - level 9 giving 1,800 exp Vambraces - level 11 giving 2,200 exp Leather Body - level 14 giving 2,500 exp Leather Chaps - level 18 giving 1,700 exp Coif - level 38 giving 3,700 exp Hardleather Hardleather Body - level 28 giving 3,500 exp Green Dragonhide Green d'hide Vambraces - level 57 giving 6,200 exp Green d'hide Chaps - level 60 giving 12,400 exp Requires 2 leathers Green d'hide Body - level 63 giving 18,600 exp Requires 3 leathers Blue Dragonhide Blue d'hide Vambraces - level 66 giving 7,000 exp Blue d'hide Chaps - level 68 giving 14,000 exp Requires 2 leathers Blue d'hide Body - level 71 giving 21,000 exp Requires 3 leathers Red Dragonhide Red D'hide Vambraces - level 73 giving 7,800 exp Red d'hide Chaps - level 75 giving 15,600 exp Requires 2 leathers Red d'hide Body - level 77 giving 23,400 exp Requires 3 leathers Black Dragonhide Black d'hide Vambraces - level 79 giving 8,600 exp Black d'hide Chaps - level 82 giving 17,200 exp Requires 2 leathers Black d'hide Body - level 84 giving 25,800 exp Requires 3 leathers Congratulations you're 99 Crafting!
  12. Monsters 1-99 Prayer Guide The first step on your journey to 99 Prayer is going to be clicking on the Prayer skill to be teleported to the training area located just outside of ::shops and north of the ::home teleport. Presets Presets are going to be your best friend training any skills near a bank booth or that requires a variety of items. This will speed up leveling time tremendously. In this example, we use a full inventory of Superior Dragon Bones (The Best Prayer XP in Ardevon). The preset allows us to instantly fill our inventory back up with a single click. To use these bones with the altar, simply right click on the item from your inventory. Select the 'use' option and then left-click on the altar. This will then load a prompt over the chat box allowing you to select how many you would like to use. When going for 99 it will be easiest to leave 'All' selected. Once you use all of the bones from your inventory re-load your preset and rinse and repeat. Best XP Rates This list will be XP rates from best to worst in Ardevon with any relevant notes for each item. 1. Superior Dragon Bones These can be obtained from Kurasks, Demonic Gorillas, Long-Tailed Wyverns, Ancient Wyverns, Dawn, Porazdir, Vorkath, and the wildly mini-boss Workath. Workath drops 3 noted Superior Dragon Bones %100 of the but is located in the deep wildly mage arena. 2. Frost Dragon Bones Dropped from Frost Dragons and Lava Dragons 1 at a time we do have several NPCs that have a chance to drop multiple Frost Dragon bones in noted form at a 1/850 rate. Galvek, Tekton, Muhammad Ali event, Warmonger, Crystal Ankou, WildyWyrm, Callisto, and the Maiden Completionist zone Boss. 3. Hydra Bones The third best Prayer XP in Ardevon. Hydra is one of the most farmed bosses in the current state of the game and Hydra Bones can be plentiful. Compare prices if buying from the POS or other players to Superior Dragon to ensure the most value for your GP. 4. Dagannoth Bones These will be dropped from the 3 Dagannoth, Prime, Supreme, and Rex. Even those these are the second best bones to use, these NPCs are not commonly farmed and only drop 1 bone at a time. Using/farming Superior Dragon bones or other options will prove more efficient. 5. Dragon Bones If you can't get your hands on the bones listed above regular dragon bones are great XP to train prayer on a budget. You can use the command in-game ::findmonster 'item name' to search for any bones or items to see what NPCs drop them, how many, and at what rates. Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for Prayer we would be using the (prayer) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Congratulations you're 99 Prayer!
  13. Monsters 1-99 Mining Guide How to start: Click The Mining Symbol and than click Mining Guild Talk to the Mining Instructor: (For Pickaxe) Tin Ore: 2,170 Exp Level: 1-15 Copper Ore: 2,170 Exp Level: 1-15 Iron Ore: 3,430 Exp Level: 15-30 Coal: 4830 Exp Level: 30-40 Gold Ore: 6,412 Exp Level: 40-55 Mithril Ore: 8,820 Exp Level: 55-70 Adamantite Ore: 13,384 Exp Level: 70-85 Runite Ore: 21,170 Exp Level: 85-99 (Rune ore is also located outside edge bank and ::di) Star Dust: 23,021 Exp Level: 80-99 Where to Find: ::star in-game What it looks like: Star dust can be sold to general store (::shops) or used at expert miner at mining guild teleport. Congratulations you're 99 Mining!
  14. Monsters 1-99 Construction Guide You can start Construction by clicking on the Construction skill Or you can enter the portal at ::home next to estate agent Prices of supplies: 342 plank 3200 oak plank 6232 teak plank 12554 mahogany plank 140600 gold leaf 87444 marble block 956900 magic stone 1335 bolt cloth Room/Level/Cost Garden/1/1000 Parlour/1/1000 Kitchen/5/5000 Dining Room/10/5000 Workshop/15/10000 Bedroom/20/10000 Games Room/30/25000 Combat Room/32/25000 Study/40/50000 Costume Room/42/50000 Chapel/45/50000 Portal Chamber/50/100000 Formal Garden/55/75000 Throne Room/60/150000 1-99 Method Level 1-14 [Parlour] Level 1 Chair (2 Planks) Level 14-32 [Parlour] Level 14 Rocking Chairs (3 Planks, 3 Steel Nails) Level 32-44 [Kitchen] Level 32 Oak Kitchen Tables (3 Oak Planks) Level 44-62 [Costume Room] Level 44 Oak Fancy Dress Box (2 Oak Planks} Level 62-99 [Costume Room] Level 62 Teak Fancy Dress Box (2 Teak Planks) Level 80 Mahogany Fancy Dress Box (2 Mahogany planks) Congratulations you're 99 Construction!
  15. Monsters 1-99 Farming Guide You can start Farming by clicking on the Farming skill All required items for Farming can be purchased directly from Martin the Master Farmer (including seeds). Secateurs - Are used to cure plants and keep them healthy. Watering Can - Required to start the growing process. Seed Dibber - Used to dig a hole for the seed to be planted. Rake - Used to remove weeds from patch/allotment. --> At level 1 plant a Potato seed on the Allotment --> Once you've harvested you'll be able to plant using all 3 patches; the Allotment, Herb Patch and Flower Patch. Allotment Level 1-5 Potato Seed Level 5-7 Onion Seed Level 7-12 Cabbage Seed Level 12-20 Tomato Seed Level 20-31 Sweetcorn Seed Level 31-47 Strawberry Seed Level 47-99 Watermelon Seed (::findmonster watermelon) Herb Patch Level 9-14 Guam Seed Level 14-19 Martentill Seed Level 19-26 Tarromin Seed Level 26-32 Harralander Seed Level 32-38 Ranarr Seed Level 38-44 Toadflax Seed Level 44-50 Irit Seed Level 50-56 Avantoe Seed Level 56-62 Kwuarm Seed Level 62-67 Snapdragon seed Level 67-73 Cadantine Seed Level 73-79 Lantadyme Seed Level 79-85 Dwarf Weed Seed Level 85-99 Torstol Seed Flower Patch Level 2-11 Marigold Seed Level 11-26 Rosemary Seed Level 26-52 Limpwurt Seed Level 52-99 White lilly Seed Once you've reached level 85 you should be plating the following for maximum EXP: Torstol on Herb Patch Watermelon or Strawberry on Allotment White Lily on Flower patch It takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds (5 minutes 40 seconds for Strawberry Seeds/Watermelon Seeds) for an Allotment to fully grow and be harvestable. Rake the Allotment to get rid of weeds Use seed on Allotment Use Watering Can (8) on the Allotment Wait 7 minutes and 30 seconds for your allotment to finish growing, then harvest It takes 7 minutes and 30 seconds for a Flower to grow. Rake the Flower patch to get rid of weeds Use seed on Flower Patch Use Watering Can (8) on Flower Patch Wait 7 minutes and 30 seconds for the flower to grow, then harvest. It takes 4 minutes and 30 seconds for Herbs to fully grow. Rake the Herb patch to get rid of weeds Use seed on Herb patch Use Watering Can (8) on Herb Patch Wait 4 minutes and 30 seconds for your herb to grow, then harvest. Congratulations you're 99 Farming!